Do you need additional staff to help with the back-to-work push for upcoming projects in the New Year?

You might be currently up to your neck in Christmas deadlines and festive schedules but what happens after that? For many businesses, the January back-to-work push can be a time of great stress, particularly if you don’t have the resources in place to help you deal with it. If this sounds all too familiar from years gone by then 2018 might be the year that working with an outsourced partner can turn your New Year projects around.

How could penetration testing highlight areas of security for your customers to improve?

Penetration testing is designed to evaluate security, to highlight any flaws and to provide insight into vulnerabilities. As the number of threats to business increase on a daily basis it is becoming an essential tool for every enterprise that is dependent on its IT. For your customers, it offers the opportunity to get ahead of any third parties with malicious intent, to expose the gaps in security so that they can be dealt with now before others are able to exploit them.

How strong data management can bring cohesion between your marketing and sales teams

Data management might not be the sexiest of topics but there’s no doubt that it’s a business investment that can have a big impact right across the organisation. Strong data management underpins many different aspects of business infrastructure, from the decisions that inform strategy, to the insight that the marketing team has to work with. It can also improve the internal function of the business, in particular the cohesion between the sales and marketing teams.


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