How can you minimise the risk of unauthorised access for your clients using firewall security testing?

A firewall is a vital first line of defence against a range of potentially crippling cyber-attacks, and whether they realise it or not, most people already have some form of firewall in place. This could be a built-in firewall in your laptop, computer or router, or a dedicated server firewall. However, how can you be sure that your firewall is really offering the protection you are expecting?


How could Cyber Essentials certification benefit your customers?

Cyber Essentials is a UK-Government-backed cyber-security scheme which encourages businesses to take steps in order to prevent and protect themselves against the threat of cyber-attack. What you might not be aware of however, is just how beneficial a Cyber Essentials certification can be for you and your customers.


How do GDPR regulations affect your clients and the services they offer their customers?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in the UK in May 2018. It has generated a lot of tension within UK businesses with respect to the new obligations it will create when it comes to protecting and collecting consumer data. Your clients may currently have all sorts of questions about how the regulation is likely to impact what they do and how they deliver services. Thankfully, complying with the GDPR is not as complex as it seems.


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