How to improve RTO times following a disaster

‘Disasters’ come in all shapes and sizes for businesses. From systems subjected to sustained attack, to a simple power outage, the consequences of these actions can be severe for those who aren’t prepared. Achieving fast RTO – i.e. the time and service objectives for business recovery following a disaster – has a considerable impact on how well a business recovers overall, how much damage is done and the way in which client relationships can be preserved.

How can you tell when your customers need to improve their IT support?

If you don’t regularly assess your customers’ IT support requirements and whether you’re meeting these, you might find that there are gaps in the support that you’re providing. Failure to do regular “check-ups” to ensure that sufficient support is in place can lead to your customers being forced to spend more than they need to on support, and struggling to meet all their requirements for maintenance and productivity.

History Repeats Itself: Recent Cyber-Security Ransomware Attacks

Just a month after the WannaCry ransomware attach crippled the NHS, another ransomware attack has affected a dozen countries across Europe and Asia, infecting thousands of computers through the same vulnerabilities that the WannaCry attack exploited. This series of events really showcases just how important it is to take every step possible to protect your business, making sure you have systems in place to regularly update software and hardware in compliance with demand and risk and protecting your machines with anti-virus programmes and active management.



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