Why Disaster Recovery should be a priority for your clients

Planning for unknown circumstances isn’t always straightforward, but implementing a disaster recovery plan can minimise the impacts of any unexpected disasters that occur. Whether a disaster is caused by nature or simply human error, having a plan in place can significantly minimise the downtime that occurs as a result. Here are the main causes of downtime that make a DRP a priority for your clients:

Cloud Computing

3 ways that Cloud computing enables remote working

Cloud computing, along with mobile technology, provides your customers’ employees the ability to work from any location that has internet access, via a virtual desktop or remote infrastructure. Some employers are reluctant to move towards remote working; however others are following the trend in offering flexible working hours to their employees as an incentive – which can also be cost-effective. Encouraging your clients to implement cloud computing within their IT infrastructure could enable them to enjoy the benefits of remote working and much more.

Data Protection

How to protect your customers from internal security threats

Recent studies by IBM have shown that 60% of all attacks carried out on businesses were carried by employees. This is especially dangerous as attacks are coming from within trusted internal systems, which makes it difficult for protection technologies to detect them. So, how can you defend your clients from internal security threats?


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