Data Protection

How to protect your customers from internal security threats

Recent studies by IBM have shown that 60% of all attacks carried out on businesses were carried by employees. This is especially dangerous as attacks are coming from within trusted internal systems, which makes it difficult for protection technologies to detect them. So, how can you defend your clients from internal security threats?

What is DevOps and how is it useful for your clients?

As an IT provider, it’s important to always be fully aware of the best solutions for your clients and how they may benefit from using different tools. One such tool that you may not have considered is DevOps. So here are the basics of DevOps and the benefits that it may be able to provide to your clients.

Disaster Recovery

How to Create a Bespoke Disaster Recovery Plan to suit your clients

The most effective Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) are tailored to the business’ needs. As an IT reseller, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you customers are provided with a range of suitable options that protect their data in the event of exceptional circumstances such as a data breach. Here are 3 things to look at when creating a bespoke DRP to suit your clients:


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