Channel Partner

5 advantages to using a channel-only IT partner on a white label basis

Outsourcing on a white label basis is a legal way of utilising the products or services of another company and taking credit for it within your brand. It is difficult in any industry to cover all services you might wish to provide, depending on the current expertise of your staff members, and the resources that you have access to. White-labelling is a great way to fill in any skills gaps and provide your customers with the best possible all-round services. If you’ve not considered outsourcing to a channel-only IT partner, here are 5 advantages that you may want to consider:

Cloud Computing

What does Cloud bring to your clients’ IT infrastructure?

Cloud computing enables resources to be shared and used more easily. The 3 types – public, private and hybrid – offer different benefits depending on the requirements of each of your clients. The ideal cloud strategy will meet the needs of your clients, enabling them to share and store resources securely, from different locations and to decrease downtime if hardware is affected.


About Us

Marathon Professional Services is your trusted IT solutions partner. We offer a range of services including Desktop Infrastructure Solutions and Virtualisation, and we act on a white-labelled basis as an extension of your business.