Will your customers be affected by the changes to Microsoft Azure Public Key or Certificate Pinning?

Microsoft Azure is making some changes recently which is affecting a number of customers using their services. The main change is to increase overall security through the implementation of new high-availability certificate authorities; however this may cause some interruptions in service for some customers – so if this affects your own organisation or any of your customers then it’s important to take action to minimise any service interruptions.

What monitoring could do for your clients' uptime

Downtime is one of the biggest causes of customer relationship breakdown and damage to a company’s reputation. If you can guarantee the highest possible levels of uptime for your clients, then they will thrive even more as a brand and develop strong relationships with their customers as they continuously provide products and services. One of the key ways to increasing uptime for your clients is to implement ongoing monitoring for them, but how does this work and what could it do for your clients?