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Partner up! Why a growing number of IT companies are now choosing to outsource to a Channel-only Partner

As an IT provider, you may have a range of customers whose demands fluctuate over time. It’s not uncommon to find that customers will sometimes seem to want projects completed all at the same time, causing a strain on your in-house resources. With this in mind, a growing number of IT companies are now choosing to outsource to a Channel-only Partner.


How could a white labelled partner support your client’s move to a virtualised infrastructure?

Business productivity is pivotal within any company, whereby employees can work efficiently and effectively at all times. Increasingly, businesses can get stuck in a position where they want to offer their teams the chance to work from home, flexibility to work during outside of office hours, and the ability to access the information and resources that they need to do so.

Cloud trends

Top 6 emerging cloud trends for 2016 and beyond

As we begin to approach the middle of the year, companies are asking what 2016 has shown so far about the future of cloud, and what it could contribute to their business in years to come. Since 2010, the number of UK businesses using cloud computing has risen by 75%. This dramatic increase suggests that businesses should be doing what they can now to ensure that they have the infrastructure and staff training to cope with use of the cloud in the future. So what are the 6 emerging cloud trends predicted for 2016 and beyond?


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