IT security

3 ways to increase your clients’ IT security

IT providers face a huge responsibility for ensuring the highest uptime for their clients’ systems. Since one of the greatest causes of downtime is security breaches, it is vital to increase IT security to prevent unauthorised access, damage to data and the downtime that follows as a consequence. Here are three ways to work towards the highest IT security for your clients:

Cloud migration

Should you be migrating your clients into the cloud?

Migrating into the cloud is something that is becoming more and more popular as businesses move towards an integrated approach. However with stories of data breaches and hacking in the news, it isn’t uncommon for clients to be hesitant about moving their business into the cloud. As their IT provider, as long as you are able to implement security measures, you may feel that it’s time to move their systems into the cloud to provide a number of benefits to them. Here are some of the reasons to think about migrating your customers into the cloud.

VoIP system

Would your clients benefit from using VoIP?

Voice over IP (VoIP) converts analog voice signals into digital data in real-time using an IP address. There are many different functions that VoIP can bring to a business however the overriding reason to move from traditional ISDN lines to VoIP is reduced cost. Popular VoIP features include conferencing, do not disturb, the ability to play music when placing callers on hold, caller ID, sending voicemail notifications to email, as well as rerouting calls to a different number if the office phone is not picked up.


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