IT Skills Gap in the Channel

The IT Skills Gap in the Channel

People are constantly hearing about the IT Skills Gap and it’s not just from the technology writers but also in Government and from HR departments. Anyone who is anyone in the IT sector has a certain level of computer skills to match their own personal/business environment, however in the IT channel, there is a specific challenge which is to continuously enhance and update skills to match the demands of the customer.

Blog Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Move Up To A Strategic Partnership With Your Clients

Most resellers are viewed purely as suppliers of IT by their clients and therefore never attain close partnership status and have no influence or access to projects and initiatives that could drive more business. Becoming a Strategic partner for your clients will enable close and long-term relationships with senior decision making client management.

Software maintenance is an easy way to drive an initial Strategic discussion as this takes over 50% of IT’s time and is therefore an area where resellers can add strategic value immediately by driving efficiencies.

IT infrastructure

New Year, New IT: 10 ways to renew your clients’ IT for 2016

It’s no secret that January marks an important time for many businesses as they begin to review their infrastructure and see how it could be improved. As an IT reseller, you’re not excluded from this, as your clients are likely to ask for your advice and input to help this improvement process. Here are 10 ways that you can help your clients to renew their IT for 2016:


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