Secure IT infrastructure

How to design a secure network infrastructure for your clients

Designing a network infrastructure for your clients can be a time consuming process, demanding a large amount of planning and setup. This is a sacrifice that many businesses are simply unable to make to take on new clients and expand, despite it being only a short-term requirement. There are many considerations to make before implementing a new network infrastructure design. Here are some of the things that IT providers should think about when planning a complete network overhaul for their clients.

Choosing a hypervisor

How to choose the best hypervisor for your client’s infrastructure

After the success of VMware vSphere, many other notable hypervisors have emerged in the market such as Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM and Citrix Xen. With so many choices of virtual machine monitors (VMMs), how do you know which is the best for your client? By examining both your clients’ requirements and the abilities of each system, you will be able to build a picture of which is the suitable option to choose.


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