Migration to cloud

5 Reasons to consider migrating your clients into the cloud

We live in a culture where businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. But what happens when hardware fails or you simply don’t have the capacity to store more hardware on premise? Business needn’t come to a standstill with cloud computing. Here’s our 5 reasons to consider cloud services for your clients:

IT infrastructure

How to choose the most suitable backup solution for your clients’ infrastructure

As an IT provider, it’s your job to ensure that your clients are prepared for any disaster and protected against any downtime as a result of this. The best way to do this is to provide them with a virtual backup system which will allow them access to any business-critical data and carry on as usual should anything unexpected occur to damage their hardware. Virtualisation and the use of cloud systems are growing in numbers of users for many reasons, but what should you be looking for as an IT provider when choosing the most suitable backup system for your clients?

Disaster Recovery Plan

Could having a disaster recovery plan increase your response and recovery time?

It is hard to predict when unexpected circumstances may arise which disrupt your day-to-day business operations. These events can range from a simple power outage to complete destruction of hardware. But what these two circumstances have in common is that they both rely on a disaster recovery plan (DRP) to speed up the response and recovery time for your business. So what’s so effective about having a DRP?


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