Could you benefit from an ongoing support contract to meet varying customer requirements?

It’s a constant challenge for any business to balance the need to meet changing customer requirements with the necessity of cost effective processes and management. However, gone are the days when the only option was to set up an internal team, with all the administration and financial commitment that creates. Today, if you’re looking to provide exceptional customer support then there are many more options than only employing your own internal staff.

How can you minimise the risk of unauthorised access for your clients using firewall security testing?

A firewall is a vital first line of defence against a range of potentially crippling cyber-attacks, and whether they realise it or not, most people already have some form of firewall in place. This could be a built-in firewall in your laptop, computer or router, or a dedicated server firewall. However, how can you be sure that your firewall is really offering the protection you are expecting?



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