How can you fill your skills gap as an IT provider?

A skills gap occurs within the IT sector when there is a lack of specific resources around a particular area or skill. This can happen within separate IT businesses or as the IT sector as a whole. Marathon employs a wide range of skilled engineers who are experienced in a vast array of specialisms and skills, and are able to offer outsourced white-label services to IT providers looking to fill their internal skills gaps. So what is the need and why is it important?

24/7 Monitoring

The benefits of 24/7 network monitoring for your customers' systems

Downtime for your customers’ network can be catastrophic if it is ongoing for a long period of time. This is true regardless of the industry that your clients are in, since downtime can affect the services that your clients are able to deliver to their customers. As their IT supplier, your clients will be relying on you to provide them with a reliable IT system that will function at optimum performance with as little downtime as possible.

Playing Smart to Counter New Cyber Tactics

In sport, an opponent poses a challenge and a solution has to be found to counter it. The England versus Italy rugby international last week during the Six Nations is a notable example.

Similarly these days in business, we are all trying to find ways to protect our company from the threats posed by cyber attacks. The difference is we need to anticipate attack tactics and be proactive in countering them – being reactive in rugby might save you, but in business it might mean game over.