The revenue impact of GDPR... on your business

You don’t need us, to tell you, that GDPR is massively over-hyped! But does it have any real and lasting impact, on the way our customers buy IT solutions and services.  I've asked our GDPR Practitioners, here at Marathon, to take another look at the legacy issues your customers will be facing. The feedback was very interesting; GDPR can open doors to projects and budgets that have been heavily guarded – until now!

The GDPR opportunity for stronger Security

Your customers don’t just buy technology!

It’s surprising how many people often forget about selling managed services! Instead of relying on mystical powers, a down-to-earth sales conversation is, more than often, all that’s needed to generate additional margin.

According to 2018 research by the Technology Services Industry Association*, the average net-new revenue growth rate for managed services remains at a healthy 27%.  If Managed services are a key engine for driving profitable growth across the entire technology industry, how can you use it to improve your own revenue?

What does AV look like in the future?

AV is an exciting place to be right now. With one foot in the present and one in the future it is an industry right at the forefront of pioneering technological change. Likely to be increasingly strategically important and perfectly placed to take advantage of tech advances, there is a lot to get excited about in AV right now. But what about the years to come – what is AV going to look like in the future?


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