• You secure your most valuable capital: knowledge and data
  • You satisfy the requirements of the basic BSI protection and ISO 27001 standards
  • You monitor security-relevant activities in the company network
  • Access rights management becomes a standardized and efficient process
  • Your IT gains agility and can respond to your requests more rapidly
  • 8MAN gives you control: you define who has access to defined resources
  • You create a more agile and standardized IT
  • Process monitoring enables ongoing optimization

Our Approach

  • Installation of Software and Agents as required
  • Consultation to understand business drivers/requirement and scope service parameters & objectives.
  • Record and understand roles and responsibility for permissions/user groups/workflows etc.
  • Create templates as required
  • Provide initial status reports. Any required remediation can be done by the customer or by us for an agreed fee.
  • Provide specified Reports on an agreed schedule (weekly/monthly etc.).
  • Manage changes as agreed
  • Licence renewal

Key Benefits

Permission Analysis

8MAN can scan and analyse your environment and provide any organization with actionable intelligence and a 360-degree transparent overview of your environment. The unique overview shows detailed information on users, resources and access rights and displays potential structural problems via an interactive graphic user interface.

Security Monitoring

All changes will be tracked and audited whether the change was made via 8MAN or another solution, giving you a complete overview of user activity across your environment.

Documentation & Reporting

Our reporting capabilities will allow you to provide standardized reports to internal and external auditors to prove that your organization is compliant.

Role & Process Optimisation

8MAN can be customized to user’s roles, whether they are technical or not. This ability to optimize processes and roles to your specific needs ensure that any further compliance requirements are easier than the last.

User Provisioning

Administration with 8MAN allows you to fulfil immediate regulation requirements and allows you to provision users in a structured manner ensuring problems do not reoccur and significantly reduces time required for future compliance measures.