reduce your customers' downtime

3 ways to reduce your customers' downtime

Technology and IT infrastructures are essential to the successful running of any modern-day business. In-house infrastructures, from servers to mobile hardware such as staff laptops, it’s important for your clients to have access to working technology at all times. When systems fail or problems occur, due to hardware damage or security issues, this can lead to downtime. If your clients’ IT infrastructure is down over a short or even long-term period of time, this could impact their customers, reduce their productivity and potentially lead to data breaches or loss of vital information. With this in mind, how can you protect your customers from these effects and reduce their downtime?

#1 Virtualisation enables uptime

Statistically, it’s inevitable that your customers will face some sort of attempted security breach or a hardware problem at some stage. The effects of this can be reduced even in the infrastructure building and planning stage. It’s up to you to setup an IT infrastructure that will allow full functionality even when these problems occur, for example using a virtualised system will mean that employees can access information and work from a different machine if particular hardware is damaged or breached. This will reduce downtime as all business-critical information will still be readily available, and in the long-term all data is backed up and recoverable.

#2 Ongoing network monitoring

24/7 network monitoring is a key feature of any IT infrastructure. It will automatically alert you immediately if there is a problem or interruption in the service. This will often give you advanced notice to begin solving any problems before your client even notices any effect. It maximises the time available to fix any issues, whilst the provisions you have put in place for them will allow normal working to continue in the meantime.

#3 Scalability and backups for future requirements

Reducing your customers’ downtime is about staying ahead of the current requirements. It’s also about maintaining uptime and future planning. Having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place is an important way to ensure room for growth and future requirements, since it delegates responsibility and procedures in the event of downtime. This can therefore be easily adapted to suit future requirements, whether these need to be scaled up or down.

Need extra resources to support your clients?

If you lack resources in-house to complete a client project, or are extremely busy over the summer months with staff members taking holiday time, Marathon’s team of engineers are readily available to step in and help to complete your customers’ network monitoring setup. They are experienced in network infrastructure design and management, and can manage this for you on an ongoing or short term basis. We work on a white-label basis as an extension of your business, to ensure that your customers get the greatest support possible.

Get in touch today on 020 8329 1000 to find out more about reducing your customers’ downtime.

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