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5 advantages to using a channel-only IT partner on a white label basis

Outsourcing on a white label basis is a legal way of utilising the products or services of another company and taking credit for it within your brand. It is difficult in any industry to cover all services you might wish to provide, depending on the current expertise of your staff members, and the resources that you have access to. White-labelling is a great way to fill in any skills gaps and provide your customers with the best possible all-round services. If you’ve not considered outsourcing to a channel-only IT partner, here are 5 advantages that you may want to consider:

#1 Practical time saving and value for money

The first and perhaps most obvious benefit is the time saving that you can make when using a channel-only partner to deliver some of your services. This is particularly true where your own internal staff have a different skill set that is required to complete a client project. It saves you training and recruiting new staff to fill a temporary requirement, saving money and also allowing you to utilise the services of an IT partner whilst giving your customers the impression that they are working with your brand.

#2 Offer greater service to your clients

Outsourcing to a channel-only IT provider means that you are able to offer a greater range of high quality services to your clients, more than you are able to cater for internally. Your customers will therefore receive a better service, no matter how specific. A channel IT partner uses teams of experienced engineers, which ensures that projects are always carried out efficiently and properly for your customers.

#3 Experience

Outsourcing to a channel-only IT partner means that they will have experience working with a wide range of clients and on behalf of a variety of IT companies. Therefore, they’ll be able to deliver not only a good project, but the interpersonal and communication skills to go with it. This means that they will deal professionally with your customers and be an asset to your brand and company name, and help to build on existing customer relationships.

#4 Assurance of client projects

Having a channel-only IT partner means that they will be able to deliver projects when you are under pressure with a lack of staff or resources. They have the skills and experience to deliver a project end-to-end and manage the whole process on your behalf, even acting as a direct point of contact between your company and your customer. You can rest assured that your IT partner will work independently on your behalf to provide a positive service.

#5 Benefit from years of expertise

An outsourced IT provider will often have years of experience and knowledge surrounding key areas of interest. This means that they can select the best engineers to carry out your projects, depending on your clients’ requirements. Your customers receive better overall care and knowledge, and can ask relevant questions to your IT partner which will be answered diligently. A channel-only partner also provides the advantage of being available only to the channel, and with the interest of filling in gaps on a fixed-term basis. This means that you can rest assured that your clients are safe from any major service interruptions.

If you’d like to find out more about our white label services to the channel, please give Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000 to see what availability we have.

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