Are your customers' IT systems ready for security requirements in 2018?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic in the IT world right now, particularly with respect to the impact poor security could have on compliance. Recent research by IT security firm Varonis found that 60% of EU cyber security specialists have concerns about the changes to data protection that will be required in May next year. Many of these concerns revolve around whether there is a readiness gap in terms of the situation now vs. the higher standards of data handling and security that are likely to be required. And if even the experts are concerned about the impact of the GDPR, how ready are your customers for the new raft of security requirements in 2018?

How will the GDPR impact your customers’ security requirements?

Only around 50% of respondents to the Varonis survey said that they were even half way through the GDPR compliance process. So, many firms are finding it difficult to get ahead of the new requirements that the regulation will introduce. More stringent standards will apply to any personal or sensitive data and there are much greater penalties now where compliance has not been achieved, including fines of up to €20 million or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater). Data security has become crucial with the arrival of the GDPR. Virtually every security breach must now be reported to the ICO, for example, which could present serious reputational issues for IT providers.

What other security challenges are your customers likely to face in 2018?

The GDPR is not the only influence on the need for increased security in 2018.

Security skills shortages. IT systems security skills are some of the most in demand in the industry. However, there is an almost constant skills gap when it comes to filling roles that require this kind of experience. Businesses are generating more data than ever before which presents new challenges every day. This means a constant need for skilled people to handle those challenges and to evolve their own skill sets to keep up with the pace of change.

It’s no longer about prevention. Your customers may have so far funneled security resources into methods and systems that provide protection and prevention. However, experts are predicting that 2018 is the year when we will all need to acknowledge that it’s a question of “when” rather than “if” a cyber attack will take place. Security breaches have proliferated for businesses of all sizes and this isn’t likely to stop. So, there is an attitude shift required in terms of cyber security, which needs to be filtered down through IT systems: detection and response are going to be far more important than protection next year.

Cloud security. The Cloud now plays a significant role in many business structures and has huge benefits in terms of operational efficiency, scalability and cost. Next year, Cloud security will become a hot topic and one that your customers will need to ensure that they have a finger on the pulse of.

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