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Best practice ways for your customers to use OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for individual use is simply a personal cloud solution from Microsoft. If allows users to store files securely in order that they can access them from different locations and devices. ODFB is not just standard OneDrive with additional features. Instead, it is, according to Microsoft “online storage intended for business purposes”. This is managed in-house by your customers once setup, or your company as their IT provider, allowing them to share documents and collaborate with colleagues.

Individual storage per user

Another feature that ODFB offers your customers is individual storage within the OneDrive solution. This is done by using SharePoint, which also gives a greater range of administration options for working on documents, and can be directly installed onto their servers so it doesn’t fully rely on use of the Cloud. Ultimately one of the ways for your clients to make the most of using ODFB is to provide Governance End User Training. This is something Marathon can help with if you don’t have sufficient resources in house to do so yourself.

Keeping OneDrive for Business secure

As with any file sharing solution, there may be security concerns for your client. It’s vital that you get them set up in a way that maintains their security and encourages responsible handling of their files and data. Limitations and restrictions per user can be applied by designated central administrators, or during the setup phase. Following best practice security procedures and meeting legal Data Protection requirements is an essential part of this setup and management process to ensure that your customers’ IT infrastructure remains fully compliant at all times.

Troubleshooting common problems

Some common issues faced using ODFB include caching issues if your customers are also using the personal version of OneDrive. To get around this, you should advise your customers to open a private session to sign in, or use a different browser, which will separate the two. It’s important to always ensure that the latest updates from Microsoft are installed to give you the highest levels of security to your clients. There are also features within OneDrive that allow troubleshooting and problem solving options, so some of this can be managed directly by your client if they have sufficient knowledge to do this.

OneDrive setup and management

If you have a skills gap for the setup or management of ODFB, Marathon offers a white-label service to take care of this for your clients, under your business name. Our specialised engineers can complete the setup phase with you, or on your behalf, to get your clients moved to OneDrive for Business.

Find out more and ask any questions to our team at Marathon today by calling 020 8329 1000.

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