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Could Cloud backups be useful for your customers?

The best backup solutions in the market are cloud based. The cloud has now passed traditional external storage options such as a backup drive or additional servers in-house. These options provide a different backup route for your clients, which do not rely on physical hardware in-house to back up to, which can reduce the risk of data being lost. With this in mind, could Cloud backups be useful for your customers?

What does SaaS have to offer?

The two main cloud backup options currently available are cloud storage services, or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). SaaS provides an alternative option to traditional on premise storage options and secondary storage. It is accessed through a browser-based interface which is operated and hosting from one central location. Generally, it works using a multi-tenant structure which is a shared or public cloud environment that can give greater scalability to your clients since they can scale their backup storage requirements according to their needs.

Cloud storage solutions

The other option for your customers is Cloud storage solutions. This can be particularly useful if your customers require a higher level of security. It can give them on premise software control combined with off premise services and using off premise servers as an optional extra. These solutions are typically charged and delivered according to current requirements on an easily scalable basis.

Benefits for your customers

Cloud backup solutions can provide a number of advantages to your customers such as greater efficiency and reliability, since the backups can help to avoid downtime if hardware with the original data on becomes damaged. It removes the need for your customers to complete migrations and upgrades, as this responsibility is with the service provider.

Recovery time can also be reduced, since data that is backed up is immediately retrievable via the internet for your customers, compared to physical backup options. Cloud solutions can also be cost effective since the pricing is often directly related to the amount of storage used at any given time, which can change on a regular basis – it avoids additional costs for your customers if their requirements vary.

Considerations before moving your clients to using Cloud backup services

Despite the numerous benefits of moving your clients to using Cloud backup services, there are some considerations that you should make. It’s important to establish SLAs and what is expected within the service, for example the RTO time they can expect for their data to be recovered. You should also work out what their storage requirements are and how much these might vary over time, as well as the availability of bandwidth which could be restrictive in the event that data recovery is required.

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