How can phishing mitigation help your customers?

Research in March 2016 established that 93% of all phishing emails contained encryption ransomware. By the third quarter of 2016 this figure had increased to 97.25%. Behind hacking, phishing the is the second most popular method of choice when it comes to cyber criminals trying to engineer a data or system breach. It is a problem that just isn’t going to go away and one that is likely to be high up on the list of security priorities for your customers in 2018. Phishing mitigation is one very simple solution to this growing problem, something that you can offer to customers as a positive and proactive step towards protecting the business.

What is phishing mitigation?

It is a phishing methodology that works on the basis of using real life phishing scenarios to train employees to give them hands-on experience. The goal is to convert a workforce into a layer of protection against potential phishing attack, giving employees the power to spot suspicious emails and take the appropriate action.

Phishing mitigation as a managed service

The advantage of being able to offer phishing mitigation as a managed service is that your customer’s employees will get real life simulated training with respect to the latest phishing threats. This involves using real-world attack techniques in a safe environment, from spear phishing and social engineering attacks through to ransomware and malware and malicious attachments. Phishing is becoming ever more sophisticated as an attack tool and so is increasingly difficult to spot. For those businesses serious about ensuring that it doesn’t have an impact within their enterprise, phishing mitigation is a smart move.

How does it work?

  • A series of phishing email attack campaigns are delivered safely to the workforce
  • Employees or groups who continuously fail to act in the right way are repeatedly targeted to establish behaviour patterns
  • Results are analysed and reports prepared to highlight vulnerabilities and potential solutions

What are the benefits of phishing mitigation?

The major benefit of engaging with the service is a reduction in the potential impact of phishing on a business. These immersive training exercises have a significant impact on vulnerability, reducing susceptibility to phishing attacks by more than 95%. They are so effective because they use the latest techniques and strategies being developed by those behind phishing attacks, so employees are far better prepared when it comes to identifying the real thing.

Phishing mitigation is entirely customisable so it can be designed and delivered to fit your customer’s business, no matter what the sector or the size of the enterprise. It enables a variety of different learning techniques to be employed to help where issues have been identified – especially when it comes to repeat offenders who are falling for the same phishing attacks over and over again. Perhaps most importantly, it converts employees into a proactive line of defence against increasingly aggressive attempts to breach systems and obtain data via phishing.

If you’d like to find out more about phishing mitigation and how it can be offered to your customers as a service please get in touch.

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