How could penetration testing highlight areas of security for your customers to improve?

Penetration testing is designed to evaluate security, to highlight any flaws and to provide insight into vulnerabilities. As the number of threats to business increase on a daily basis it is becoming an essential tool for every enterprise that is dependent on its IT. For your customers, it offers the opportunity to get ahead of any third parties with malicious intent, to expose the gaps in security so that they can be dealt with now before others are able to exploit them.

Improving best practice

A Marathon Professional Services penetration testing report highlights all security vulnerabilities discovered, as well as how these could be exploited to compromise the business. This information will expose the holes in current procedures and policies and show where best practice could be improved. This enables a more effective tightening up of security policies to protect valuable data, systems and assets and better implementation of best practice standards throughout an organisation.

Protecting data

May 2018 sees the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This introduces far more stringent standards for the protection of personal and sensitive data, as well as fines and reporting procedures that could make a data breach much harder to recover from. As a result, improving security to protect data has shot straight to the top of the list for many businesses looking to upgrade existing infrastructure. The GDPR introduces a requirement for review of current protections for data and that includes the need to be fully aware of all the risks that a particular business or industry attracts. Penetration testing is the first step on the road to improving data protection and compliance with the GDPR.

Establishing accountability

Effective security requires clear lines of accountability, both in terms of tracing the origin of issues and also when it comes to allocating the responsibility for recovery. Penetration testing plays a crucial role in clarifying where these lines are drawn. Without the insight that penetration testing offers it’s often difficult to visualise where an attack could strike and what the impact of it might be. That can lead to inadequate response measures that leave a business completely exposed in the wake of a cyber security issue. A penetration testing report will identify potential vulnerabilities, enabling your customers to put in place in advance a plan to handle any problems that do occur. In the wake of a security breach it is often the speed of response that dictates the success of recovery so this kind of planning is worth its weight in gold.

Ensuring awareness

The list of cyber threats is ever evolving and no business can protect against them all. However, the more aware your customers are of where the potential threats lie the easier it will be to spot a problem arising. Penetration testing acts as valuable education, revealing how, when and where problems could arise so that security awareness is as heightened as it can be.

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