How moving your clients to a virtualized infrastructure can increase their security

There are a number of benefits to moving to the cloud. Virtualized infrastructures offer your customers not only greater flexibility and the capacity to work remotely, but it can also improve overall network security.

How can Virtualization increase network security?

Cloud computing offers greater control over your clients’ network infrastructure as it allows storage and network capacity to be allocated according to your clients’ requirements, on demand. Virtualised infrastructures actually include a number of built-in features that improve the security of the network. Some of these features include:

Multitenancy and isolation

Isolation of virtual environments is a prominent feature of virtualisation as it improves network security. It can contribute to your clients’ compliance as well as helping them to manage data more effectively. Isolated virtualised environments can be created to give different levels of access and functionality to users. This restricts access to confidential information, and allows improved access to other resources. At the same time, your clients’ data management is kept simple, and hardware costs reduced, by using multitenancy, whereby a number of users can use the same server at any given time.

Isolated virtual environments provide a great environment for development, since tests can be carried out without affecting the operation of the other virtualised environments. Virtual networks are also isolated from the physical infrastructure, which protects the hardware from any attacks that are coming from any single individual virtual environment. It reduces the impact of any data breach and limits access where required.

Segmentation increases security

Segmentation is a function of a router or firewall. It works by restricting access between segments or tiers. This can be time consuming to setup and maintain when completed manually, but since isolation works as a core capability within a virtual network infrastructure, security is already integrated into the system. This makes it easier to control compliance and security for your clients.

Control over firewalls and restrictions

Firewalls are a key feature within any virtualized infrastructure, however setting your clients’ infrastructure up using the cloud can also make it easier to customise what specific restrictions are in place. Using a virtualized infrastructure gives your clients more control over their infrastructure security, helping them to establish a solution that best suits their security requirements.

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