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How to Create a Bespoke Disaster Recovery Plan to suit your clients

The most effective Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) are tailored to the business’ needs. As an IT reseller, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you customers are provided with a range of suitable options that protect their data in the event of exceptional circumstances such as a data breach. Here are 3 things to look at when creating a bespoke DRP to suit your clients:

#1 Return to Operation (RTO) times

Downtime can be critical for many businesses, so reducing your customers’ downtime is the most important impact of any DRP besides data protection. When you’re creating a bespoke DRP, a key thing to work out is what the RTO time would be in different circumstances. This can help to minimise the overall downtime, but also to give your clients a framework to use when communicating with their own customers in the event of an issue.

In many cases, backups and recovery of data can be completed efficiently without significant downtime. Another factor here is what your SLAs are with your clients – what support will you give should there be a data breach, hardware damage or other disaster? What will your response time be and will there be additional costs? All of these things can contribute to the RTO time, so establishing these to suit your clients is important.

#2 Backups, data retrieval and replication

Data backup and retrieval are at the heart of any DRP. Different backup options will suit different requirements for your clients, so it’s important to establish the volume of data, location and usage, as well as the most efficient recovery processes to use. This should also involve delegating responsibility to different staff members in order that everyone is able to act accordingly when disaster strikes.

#3 Realistic and suitable Disaster Recovery Planning

When creating a DRP with your clients, you should identity the key areas that are specific to your clients’ infrastructure. Highlight any individual features and requirements that are a priority to protect, and cover the processes needed in certain realistic recovery situations to ensure that your clients are prepared. Ensure that mission-critical information is sufficiently protected and accessible in the worst damage situations, to guarantee that your clients’ businesses can continue as normal.

Bespoke DRP solutions

Disaster recovery planning is something that is not a “one size fits all” solution – every customer will have different requirements, necessities and ideas, so creating a bespoke DRP is the best way to meet all of this criteria and provide the most effective solution to your clients. Find out more about setting up IT infrastructure as part of a DRP for your clients by giving Marathon a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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