How to fill your skills gaps over the busy summer holiday period

Summer time is often the busiest time of year for many companies. There can be times where there is a lack of staffing due to holiday time being taken, and IT companies are no exception to this rule. This can also be down to staff leaving, or simply a project coming up at the busiest time which leaves resources limited. Even the best planning ahead can still leave skills gaps during the busy summer holiday period – so how can you fill this skills gap to ensure your customers’ projects are completed?

Borrow specialist IT engineers

If you have a skills gap while any of your specialist engineers are away, you can outsource areas of your projects which require specialist knowledge to complete. Marathon publishes a weekly allocation list of resources with specialisms to allow our customers to see which engineers are free during the week should they need our white label services during that time.

Ensuring faster delivery times

A skills gap doesn’t necessarily mean your customers’ projects won’t be completed, but it can extend the time to completion if you have a smaller team than usual. Sometimes businesses can also request the most amount of work possible to be done over the summer period, while their own staff are away, which means it can leave very tight deadlines for you. Outsourcing some of your project work can free up your time and also fill the gaps to ensure faster delivery times for your clients.

Reliability and professionalism

A skills gap can leave lagging deadlines but also lead to compromised standards when work is completed in a rushed way or by an engineer who has less knowledge of the project or system. Enlisting the help of specialist engineers provides the knowledge and expertise you need, as an extension of your professional team, so your customers won’t know any different. The service delivered comes under your brand so when Marathon’s engineers work as part of your team on a white label basis they make sure that they offer a reliable service that gives a good brand impression, and also means that you will be impressed and choose to work with us again.

Follow up and support

There may not just be gaps in service provision or installation services, but also in support and follow ups from a completed project. This is also something that Marathon offers as part of their white label service to ensure that your customers are left in an able position – which means they rely less on your services as a panic, and have greater familiarity with their systems, so your time and resources can be allocated in house wisely.

Satisfied customers over the busy summer time

White label services allow you to ensure the same high levels of fast and expert service that you are normally able to provide, without your customers feeling any difference despite resources in-house being low. Marathon’s staff can fill in for your engineers who are on holiday, or simply take care of projects, installations or support that is required that is outside the capabilities of your team at any given time.

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