Introducing your customers to the cloud for future-proofing

Customers love it when their suppliers are proactive, taking steps to improve service or deliver something new for their clients. As a service provider, this puts you in a fantastic place to impress customers and open up a new revenue stream by introducing your customers to the cloud. 


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows your clients to work from any location that has internet access. This presents an incredible opportunity for your customers, as it empowers them to make their workforce more flexible and increase productivity by offering remote working as an incentive or as part of a flexible working contract, which can increase motivation and job fulfilment, driving workforce satisfaction. 
This also empowers your customers to position themselves cleverly for expansion, as cloud services offer unrivalled scalability and flexibility, for ease of growth within the business. Not only this, but communication tools can be installed which ensures your customers are able to keep connected with colleagues and clients far more effectively than with traditional methods, especially across multiple locations as staff can access the same network from anywhere across the world.



Increased Security

Making the transition to cloud computing also presents an incredible opportunity for your customers to assess their cyber security procedures and install another layer of protection against data loss or attack, to ensure they are not only protected, but also compliant with all data regulations. 

This can be achieved through a number of practices and procedures, including user-specific password and encrypted devices, up-to-date anti-virus programmes and more, all whilst being controlled and monitored by a central governing security team. 
Not only is this important to protect your business, but it also presents a great opportunity for your customers to inform their end users about their updated and cyber-essentials compliant security, if done in compliance with the Cyber Security certification.



Future Proofing

The most significant benefit, and the one that ties all of the points together, making use of cloud computing ensures that your customers are future-proofed for new technologies, security systems and business growth. The security, flexibility and scalability that the cloud offers ensures that your customers will not be left behind in the race that is business.

To find out more about how opening your customers up to the cloud can increase their future-proofing and develop new revenue streams for your business, get in touch today by calling 0203 666 5222 or visiting our website here


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