Marathon has achieved Cyber Essentials and IASME Cyber Security Accreditations

We are proud to announce that Marathon has now been awarded with both Cyber Essentials and IASME Cyber Security Accreditations, allowing us to provide even greater cyber security to your clients.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a scheme backed by the UK government and supported within the industry to provide companies with the ability to protect themselves effectively from any cyber security threats that they may face. Cyber Essentials has four accreditation bodies, including UASME, which are specified by the government.

The importance of Cyber Essentials

It can sometimes seem like every week there is another big cyber security story in the news, reporting a large-scale hack or data breach within a well-established corporation. Cyber Essentials aims to help companies to raise their information security services standards to protect themselves against these growing threats.

What’s new for Marathon?

Marathon already provides bespoke solutions to customers of the IT Channel, on a white-label basis, to ensure that clients minimise the risks that they face. We help your customers by guaranteeing compliance with Cyber Essentials Standards and educate them about how to create a best practise information security plan to minimise risks in the future.

Marathon offers cost-effective solutions to the IT channel, to help create an infrastructure to prevent data breaches for their customers at an affordable cost. Since we work on a white-label basis, we provide years of expertise and experience and fill a skills gap for IT resellers.

The importance of compliance with security regulations

Compliance with UK data protection legislation is vital to ensure that your customers don’t face any penalties – whether legal or financial – if a data breach occurs. Marathon’s team can ensure that the policies they have in place are enough to demonstrate satisfactory security measures.

Find out more about our new certifications and how to get your customers’ IT compliant and secure by giving the team a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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