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The benefits of network monitoring for your clients

It’s almost a guarantee that your clients will experience downtime at some stage – whether this is due to human error, security concerns or hardware failure. Downtime is sometimes unavoidable, but in some circumstances, network monitoring can be a useful tool in detecting errors and preventing the effects of downtime. Here are some of the benefits that network monitoring could bring your clients:

Early error detection

Ongoing monitoring of your client’s network on a 24/7 basis can help to detect errors early on. This means that in many cases, as soon as an issue occurs, you can receive notification of a service interruption or downtime. This enables you as a service provider to begin solving the issue as soon as possible – in some cases even before your clients notice a problem.

Reducing the effects of downtime

By detecting an error straight away, your clients can benefit from you working to solve this as quickly as possible. This can mean reduced downtime, and a smaller impact from the issue. For example, if they are customer-facing and their services to their clients are stopped, then working on an issue from the outset of the problem can decrease the RTO time and reduce any loss of earnings that your customers may face as a result of the downtime.

Future planning benefits

Network monitoring is also a great opportunity to see whether there are any elements within your clients’ IT infrastructure that are not functioning as efficiently as they could be. Highlighting areas for improvement can allow you to plan for your customers’ future requirements and suggest upgrades for a faster and more effective infrastructure.

Peace of mind for service providers and clients

Both service providers and clients can benefit from the peace of mind that network monitoring can bring – knowing that issues will be detected often before any serious problems occur. This improves the overall IT provider and client relationship, because it allows you to proactively check and work on their system to ensure the highest service levels and availability that are possible.

Outsourcing network monitoring and problem solving

Network monitoring as an ongoing service may not take that much time, but when problems occur and issues are detected during a busy period, you can benefit from outsourcing the solution of this problem to IT engineers who can act as an extension of your team. Give Marathon a call anytime to discuss our availability on 020 8329 1000.

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