What benefits are there to ongoing network monitoring?

Ongoing network monitoring is becoming an increasingly essential component in effective IT delivery. Crucially, it will enable your clients to enjoy continuous service by minimising the amount of downtime that they experience. This can have many positive knock on effects, from avoiding loss of business to ensuring that brand reputation remains strong. Ongoing network monitoring is a subtle but simple way to improve the service on offer and avoiding downtime is just one of its many benefits.

Ultra responsiveness

Network monitoring enables responsiveness to a degree that simply isn’t possible without this in place. This means that issues can be dealt with fast so that the services that your clients provide to their customers are disrupted as little as possible when a problem arises. Not only does this keep difficult conversations to a minimum but it also provides the opportunity for your clients to demonstrate how quickly problems can be resolved. Their own clients won’t expect a flawless service and will be impressed by ultra responsiveness that minimises disruption.

Continuity of service

With ongoing network monitoring in place your clients will be able to guarantee better continuity of service to their clients. Consistent service delivery and reliability are crucial to building strong brand reputation and enabling your clients to cement relationships with their own customers. Using network monitoring enables automated alerts, which can be pre-programmed to trigger when certain events occur. This means that you can get to the issue much more quickly and stop it escalating. The result is a service that is continuous and as undisrupted as possible, something that will give your clients confidence and help them to establish a reputation for great service.

Network awareness

Network monitoring provides valuable insight into the way that a client’s network is operating. This can result in a wide range of benefits, from making better and more cost effective decisions about software and hardware, to creating the opportunity for better operational efficiency. Ongoing network monitoring creates a picture of use over a period of time that is an essential insight for any client business to have.

Providing future proofing

The insights that ongoing network monitoring delivers also have a valuable impact on decisions about the future use of the network. This kind of oversight quickly highlights areas where there are issues or use of hardware that needs to be rethought. Being in possession of the full facts about where a system is either not suitable, or not performing to its optimum, can inform important decisions about how to future proof the IT used by your client business – for example, there may be enormous benefits in migrating to the cloud.

Maintenance and review

Ongoing network monitoring makes maintenance easier and ensures that it is carried out well before any problems can arise. It also provides the opportunity for regular review of the infrastructure being used so that it is an ongoing process of improvement.

If you’d like to offer ongoing network monitoring as a service to your clients we can provide this to your unique specifications. Contact us to find out more.

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