What could virtualisation bring to your customers?

It’s likely that some of your customers may be familiar with the idea of virtualisation, however they might not be aware of the benefits that it could bring to their business. Used properly, virtualisation can increase network efficiency and ease of use. Integration between on-premise servers and the cloud can give limitless scale to the IT infrastructure. Here are some of the benefits that virtualisation could bring to your customers:

Consolidating physical servers

By reducing the number of physical servers your customers need, you can save them space and hardware costs. This can be done by using virtual servers, which will in turn reduce the datacentre footprint that your customers are making. No longer must admins over-provision servers either. With server virtualisation, the exact amount of resource needed can be scaled up and down without extra cost as required.

Making support easier

With all virtual servers consolidated in one place, supporting your customers’ networks is made much simpler. Your customers will reap the benefits of a virtualised environment, whilst making the whole system much easier to use and manage. Whether you use VMware of Hyper-V, the solution you choose will enable support to be delivered in a seamless way.

Virtual Desktops give greater flexibility for working

Virtualisation can also bring greater flexibility for employees, since virtual desktops allow them to access the same information that they need to work from any location that has internet access. They can use their own mobile devices to work when they’re out of the office, and therefore work more productively with fewer restrictions.

Increased uptime and availability

Virtualised infrastructures not only increase flexibility, but they guarantee higher availability and uptime for your customers too. This is because they can be accessed from any location, so when servers need to be updated administrators can instantly provision new VMs in minutes. Modern hyperconverged infrastructure also speeds up configuration time and can reduce administration time. This simplifies disaster recovery, allowing issues to be fixed quickly and efficiently.

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