What does AV look like in the future?

AV is an exciting place to be right now. With one foot in the present and one in the future it is an industry right at the forefront of pioneering technological change. Likely to be increasingly strategically important and perfectly placed to take advantage of tech advances, there is a lot to get excited about in AV right now. But what about the years to come – what is AV going to look like in the future?

More strategic importance

AV plays an increasingly important role in key business functions and has also become a conduit through which new technology is introduced into a business environment. So, the future for AV is likely to demand a much more strategic role and involvement at operational level.

A lighter maintenance burden

Advances in technology have made maintenance a much simpler task than previously. Remote support technologies, as well as video support centers, are stepping up to take the pressure off the traditional maintenance structure. Of course there are some who have yet to transition to an infrastructure that can be supported in this way. So, it is only likely to be available to those who make that jump.

Augmented reality

There is no doubt that augmented reality is becoming more popular thanks to the wide range of possibilities that its use represents to AV. Although the use of augmented reality as standard is still likely to be a few years off it could be a game changer for AV, opening up new possibilities and creating chances to make much more impact.

App and software development

The progress in app and software development will have a big influence over the AV of the future, how it develops and the way that it is used. Trends in app use and software will impact on AV in a big way, on everything from control abilities through to the UX perspective.

Artificial intelligence and voice control

There are those who believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and voice control will have a big part to play in AV in the future. However, others are not so sure and it is difficult to analyse where and how this will fit without any current real world working applications. Nevertheless, with the right development and the skill sets to support AI and voice control they could be a key part of AV in the years to come.

Cheaper alternative models

Currently, we are seeing many of the more established AV solutions facing competition from newer models that have focused on being able to provide a far cheaper service. This cost effectiveness priority is likely to continue, as long as the quality can be maintained as well as the cost.

Convergence of IT and AV

Many see IT and AV as on an inevitable path of convergence. However, for the union to be successful there will clearly need to be some definition of skills, responsibilities and priorities.

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