What is DevOps and how is it useful for your clients?

As an IT provider, it’s important to always be fully aware of the best solutions for your clients and how they may benefit from using different tools. One such tool that you may not have considered is DevOps. So here are the basics of DevOps and the benefits that it may be able to provide to your clients.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is all about bringing together the development and operations of the business to unite everything together to work seamlessly. It can include both practical elements and processes as well as bringing in philosophies and in-house values in a functional way. By creating an IT infrastructure to streamline your customer’s workloads, you can be effective in helping them to manage their in-house operations more effectively.

Technology and operations come together

Bringing teams together to merge development and operations means that engineers are able to carry out development, testing, deployment to operations and more across the whole application lifecycle. Processes that are often carried out manually and can be time-consuming can be automated across the whole system to allow these processes to be carried out efficiently and effectively. Any changes can also be implemented across the whole infrastructure more easily.

What are some of the benefits of DevOps for your clients?

One of the benefits of DevOps for your clients is faster working. Developers and operations teams can work together to allow for faster delivery of services and results. Continuous integration and continuous delivery mean that software releases can be automated to save time, from the initial build to deployment.

DevOps also helps to create a more reliable infrastructure. Since many processes can be automated, not only is time saved, but the risk of human error is reduced. Real-time monitoring and logging will enable issues to be highlighted and dealt with straight away, minimising downtime for your clients.

Greater security is another benefit that your clients can experience from adopting a DevOps model. Policies can include using infrastructure as code, which means that compliance can be tracked at scale, encouraging companies to review their security on a regular basis.

Bespoke IT solutions

Implementing a DevOps strategy in your clients’ infrastructure can help them to gain better time and data management. By creating a system that is easy to use and functionality is simple but effective, your clients can manage their in-house tasks more efficiently whilst saving time and money. It can also help you as an IT provider to better meet your clients’ requirements, since it will require greater communication between you and them to ensure that their IT infrastructure serves their needs. This leads to overall greater communication, agreed maintenance planning and more reliable systems.

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