What you need to know about Managing Big Data for your clients

Big Data is acquired as more and more customer behaviour is being measured and monitored over time. This includes not only personal and contact details, but also things like buying behaviour, items and services they’re looking to buy, or their potential buying behaviours. Many organisations are currently finding it a challenge to manage Big Data, and are looking for more intuitive ways to store and process their data, which is where you come in as their IT provider.

Optimising data storage

Optimising data storage for your clients doesn’t necessarily mean increasing the amount of storage capacity that they have, since this can be costly, and unnecessary. Instead, optimising data storage for your customers means implementing clear processes and management to filter out useful data and to use it efficiently.

Challenges that Big Data poses

Big Data poses a number of challenges including how to store, process and manage data in an efficient way that allows the most productive working. This must include things like how your clients deal with data from when they initially gather it, through its lifecycle until it is no longer needed, and this must be done in a fully compliant way.

How does virtualisation help?

Virtualisation is a key factor within data management for your clients. Your clients want data to be easy to find when needed, to provide transparency for the sales and marketing teams to work together, to make the most of the data that is accessible to them. Virtualisation helps as it allows your customers to have a smaller data footprint, and the reuse can also be virtualised. This means that Big Data can be treated like virtual data by transforming it into small data.

What does this mean for Big Data

If you can help your clients to use virtualisation to manage Big Data, then it will reduce the processing time for data being used by applications. At the same time, data can be kept more secure through central management, and data analysis can provide more accurate results due to the large input of information that is being taken into account in one go.

Big Data management

Incorporating virtualisation into your clients’ networks could significantly improve their Big Data and overall data management. It could also help them to cut costs, enjoy greater flexibility in their working and benefit from ongoing support and compliance that you can ensure as their IT provider.

If you have any skills gaps to deliver virtualised solutions or advice about data management, get in touch with Marathon today, and find out whether you could benefit from using our white label services.

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