Which is the most suitable backup option for your clients?

Disaster recovery is one of the most important things you can set up for your clients, since it protects them against downtime and ensures that data is protected and compliant with all UK regulations. However every company has different requirements, so it’s not always a “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to choosing the right backup option for your clients. Here are some considerations to make when choosing the most suitable backup option:

Data recovery processes

Data storage, and the ability to recover data, is essential to maintaining uptime in the event of a disaster or hardware failure. Restoration can take time, and establishing a data recovery process in advance to prepare for any outages can make this process much quicker. For example, scheduling regular backups or having automatic backups taking place at short intervals can ensure that minimal data is lost, and can be recovered quickly from any location. This is something that you must bear in mind when deciding what backup option is best for your clients, as the functionality that different options offer will be different.

What gives the most scalability?

As an IT provider you will also need to ensure that your clients’ infrastructure ensures scalability for future growth, but that this also facilitates suitable backup options. Virtual environments enable virtual backups to take place automatically or manually as required, but this also provides a scalable infrastructure to cater to business growth, or scale down at quieter times without extra costs too.

Backing up whilst remaining compliant

Backups also need to take place in a compliant way, to protect your clients from any legal data protection issues. The solution you implement should ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained, and that access to private data is restricted. Whatever backup option you choose for your clients, it must provide the highest possible level of security.

Backup accessibility for different solutions

Depending on the solution, backups may be more or less accessible for your clients. Accessibility to data is important since their customers are legally able to request all of their data and your clients have a legal requirement to be able to provide them with it. It is also important for complete functionality and productivity that your clients are able to access data as it has been backed up, in the case that there are hardware problems.

Cloud backup options

Virtual backups are now becoming increasingly popular since they make the management and recovery of data much simpler and easier to control. There is a range of cloud solutions that could be more or less suitable depending on your clients’ requirements, such as private, public or hybrid cloud solutions. All of these reduce hardware costs, but offer different functionality for your clients and different levels of security for backups.

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