Why is VoIP an essential part of your clients' IT infrastructure?

VoIP, or Voiceover Internet Protocol, is slowly replacing the traditional phone line for a number of businesses. It works differently by using the internet to connect incoming and outgoing calls. This requires a good internet connection and there are a number of benefits that VoIP can bring to your clients’ IT infrastructure and day-to-day working.

Call quality is improved

Call quality can be improved for all calls, to any location, since VoIP phones rely on the internet connection instead of phone signal, which can vary even across a single office space. Unlike analogue signals, VoIP converts sound information into digital data, providing an equally consistent high call quality and voice definition.

Flexibility for international companies

VoIP also offers greater flexibility for companies with international offices. All that is needed is an internet connection and an IP phone. It is also possible to install compatible software onto mobile devices and computers to fully integrate your customers’ VoIP structure.

Reduced call costs

VoIP is ideal for your customers if they need to make international calls, as relying on an internet connection to make the calls can significantly reduce call costs. This is also beneficial for making calls between remote offices, because VoIP to VoIP calls are free and don’t face geographical restrictions.

Suitable for all companies

Whether your clients are a large corporation or an SME, VoIP is a solution that fits all sizes. For smaller clients, you can use the cloud to host their whole VoIP system, eliminating hardware costs and the maintenance of any hardware you would’ve otherwise bought initially. There are some small ongoing costs for your customers to pay for the hosting. You may want to provide a VoIP system in-house for larger clients that you have, since this can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Preparation for the future

VoIP also provides your customers with easy scalability and management for the future. Adding any number of new users is simple, and only requires the registration of the new phone – so scaling up quickly is easy and efficient.

Is VoIP suitable for your customers?

VoIP is likely to be suitable for your customers, but they must meet the two following specifications. Firstly, they must have a fast internet connection, that is reliable and consistent at all times. Failure to maintain this can result in being unable to use the VoIP phones, so the larger the bandwidth, the better. Your customers must also have a fast and efficient internal IT infrastructure, which can support a high volume of users at one time.

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