Support Contracts

Why sell support contracts?

Support contracts are a way to guarantee repeat and regular income and profit even during quieter periods, which can be significant when trying to achieve consistent monthly targets. For IT resellers having a baseline of repeatable income means that investments can be made and budgets set in a more confident way.

Having support contracts will allow you to maintain regular contact with your clients and build your profile as a value added partner. Supporting your clients will also help you to understand the clients plans and projects on an ongoing basis providing opportunities to sell more IT per client.

As the support incumbent, clients may wish to minimise their risks and keep additional requirements with the support company, again helping to drive new selling opportunities.

IT support assessments

As companies grow and evolve historic support arrangements may introduce risks that the client may not be aware of, such as, service levels that no longer match the client’s business expectations and gaps in the service relating to new systems and business tools.

As a proactive way to help our reseller partners uncover support contract opportunities, Marathon provide a Support Assessment Service. This service is designed to establish if those clients with existing contracts are being provided with the right level, scope and scale of service that their organisations now require.

What does the Support Assessment involve?

The Support Assessments offered by Marathon take into account a wide range of factors such as; the customers’ preferred type of payment (monthly, annual or funds based), flexibility and value, Service Levels and the current systems availability and recovery capability that the contract delivers.

The Support Assessment can also look at the security measures in place to protect customer information, and what business continuity and DRP setups are in place in the event of downtime.

Assessing support contract terms

For customers, they can assess whether a support contract fulfils all of their current needs and is fit for purpose. As an IT provider, the assessment will uncover new contract opportunities and for your existing support clients, highlight opportunities to upgrade and extend support to meet new client requirements.

Find out more about our Support Assessment services by giving one of the Marathon team a call today on 020 8329 1000.

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