Your customers don’t just buy technology!

It’s surprising how many people often forget about selling managed services! Instead of relying on mystical powers, a down-to-earth sales conversation is, more than often, all that’s needed to generate additional margin.

According to 2018 research by the Technology Services Industry Association*, the average net-new revenue growth rate for managed services remains at a healthy 27%.  If Managed services are a key engine for driving profitable growth across the entire technology industry, how can you use it to improve your own revenue?

*Source:  Technology Services Industry Association 2018. 

Shortages and delays are ideal.

Never thought I would say this, but a high percentage of all the Managed services opportunities that we see at Marathon, result from a shortage. In your next meeting or customer call just listen for issues with capacity, budget, skills or knowledge leaving the business.   Too much time being spent on projects or a lack of time to recover applications, are also good entry points for further discussion…

Customers don’t just buy technology…they want it to work!

Working on a customer site tends to remind me that we sometimes focus on the solution and not happens, when they plug the thing in. Standard packages for Managed services remain popular and are a great place to start if you need an entry point.  However, my advice would be to remember that your clients are not just buying technology; they are buying the operation of technology.  They want a solution that will give them peace of mind, so need to have trust in your ability to deliver.  I'm sure I'm not alone on this one and would be interested in your thoughts - how important is this to your business?

Free of Charge Presales

Just a quick reminder that Marathon provides Managed services to the Channel on a white-labelled basis, to act as an extension of your business. The skills we offer can be added to your own portfolio ensuring you to never miss an opportunity with your clients.  We provide free of charge presales assistance and wherever possible work on a fixed priced basis.  Set up an introduction call today with your dedicated Marathon Account Manager and we’ll provide you with everything you need to start earning more Managed services revenue.


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