Why is a SQL Server Performance Review important?

SQL Server and any associated databases are complex software and can quickly deteriorate in performance for many reasons such as inefficient code, SQL misconfiguration, network latency or I/O stalls.

Without having an in-house DBA or database specialist, it can be almost impossible to identify the source of performance issues.

What are the benefits for the resellers?

A SQL Server Performance Review will establish the state of a system and so will have the potential to open doors and highlights specific areas for upselling further services, development, remedial work, consultancy as well as hardware and IAAS opportunities.

Improving or updating a database management system is not just a maintenance task, but an opportunity to derive new business value.

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What’s Included?

The SQL Server estate will be investigated in order to ascertain suitability for purpose as well as to identify areas for improvement, both in technical and performance terms. This includes checking:

  • Basic performance measures for the server are on line (CPU, Memory, IO)
  • Databases are performing adequately with respect to I/O
  • Instances are correctly configured for workload type
  • Any obvious badly performing queries
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Table and Row locking considerations
  • Index tuning and maintenance analysis
  • Storage Configuration
  • Appropriate database configuration
  • File placement analysis
  • Collation sequences
  • Size and growth management
  • Partitioning (tables and views)

A comprehensive document will be prepared detailing the SQL Server estate configuration and suggesting recommended immediate improvement opportunities and long term recommendations.


What's not Included?

The health-check itself does not include any remedial work and is intended for the sole purpose of investigation, reporting and recommendation.





  • Single instance of SQL Server (non-clustered or two node cluster)  - 2 days
  • Multiple SQL Server instances (non-clustered or two node cluster) - 2 days plus 0.5 days per each additional instance

What's Next?

By carrying out the SQL Server Performance Review service resellers are provided with an indicative costs, risk and impact analysis to provide to their client which will enable those clients to quickly move to the actual migration planning and deployment phases.

This service scales to thousands of servers and is design to accelerate projects to reach the point of migration as quickly as possible.