Our approach

  • Marathon is a professional services partner for IT resellers and distributors across the whole of the UK helping to deliver their IT solutions and services as a white label service or as a nominated partner
  • Citrix NetScaler is a core component of many networks and provides advanced security and load balancing techniques to protect sensitive networks and the data they transmit from unauthorised access
  • Marathon’s NetScaler health check is part of a best practise lifecycle management strategy designed to ensure that the existing device configurations are both optimised and secure and that operationally the NetScalers remain fit for purpose


Why do my Clients need the Citrix NetScaler Health Check?

NetScalers are critical components for protecting the integrity and security of Information Assets for medium size and enterprise organisations. Regularly ensuring that NetScaler infrastructure continues to reduce information security risks is therefore crucial.

What are the benefits for resellers?

The service will drive and accelerate sales for upgrades, remediation and functional work packages for organisations relying on NetScaler technology.




What’s Included?

The NetScaler Health Check is conducted by experienced NetScaler consultants who will discuss the operational requirements within the context of each organisation before conducting a review of the configuration. The basic level Health Check is designed for those clients with budgetary constraints. The advanced service provides in depth analysis which maybe required for compliance and audit regulatory requirements.


Basic Health Check

Comprehensive Reports and proactive alerts including:

  • Firmware
  • DNS
  • NTP Synchronisation
  • IP Address assignment
  • Configuration error
  • Network Configuration
  • LB monitoring
  • NetScaler Gateway Policy
  • SSL configuration
  • Authentication
  • Port Configuration / Scan
  • Deprecated Command
  • Operational monitoring

Advanced Health Check

  • Basic health check
  • GSLB Configuration Testing
  • Advanced DNS Configuration Check
  • Integrated Caching Check
  • Application Firewall Check
  • Basic Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Authenticating Testing
  • TCP Dumps and Trace Logging






What are the benefits for the reseller?

Helping you clients to maintain the security of their IT infrastructure will open other sales opportunities relating to Information Security and generate repeatable revenue and profit.

What's next?

Pre sales for this service is free of charge. Once you have identified which of your clients have purchased NetScaler devices or virtual appliances we can work seamlessly with your organisation to accelerate short lifecycle sales opportunities.