Project Management On Demand

A new approach to ensuring the success of IT Projects

Marathon’s Project Management service is a scalable ‘on demand’ function with 3 definable levels of PRINCE II aligned capability that are customer-selectable and customisable. The Lite version of Project Management is designed for smaller discrete projects that require regular monitoring and ad hoc reporting, the project manager will normally spend one day a week throughout the duration of the project for a Lite engagement. The Medium touch and Full Project Management options are designed for larger more complex projects that involve more formalised management on a weekly or daily basis.

What are the benefits?

Minimise the risk associated with new technology implementation

Accelerated deployment and decrease project timelines

Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities

Ensures 'best practice' installation in line with vendor documented deployment specifications

World class technical project management expertise in delivering complex business and time critical projects

Professional advice to ensure project goals and results are delivered on time and in budget

What's included?


The Lite version of project management does assume that our function will be underpinned by the clients own project management methodology and therefore any additional management requirement or capability such as commercial management is being provided by the client.

Medium Touch

The Medium-touch level of project management includes all of the functions included with the lite version and will provide the project logs on a more frequent basis, normally weekly. The Medium-touch level also includes additional controls and reporting as reflected in the Lite version.


The Full level of project management includes all of the function included with the Lite and Medium Touch Versions and will also provide the Project logs on a more frequent basis, normally daily. The main difference between Lite/Medium and Full is that the Full version can include commercial project management. The full version also includes a full PRINCE II reporting and management capability.

Comparative Feature Matrix | Project Management on Demand



Medium Touch


Business Review Plan

Business Case

Communications Management Strategy

Daily Issue Log

Weekly Issue Log

On demand Issue Log

Highlight Report

End Project Report

End Stage Report

Exception Report (out of scope)

Issue Report

Lessons Report

Project Plan

Product Description

Product Status Account

Project Brief

Project Initiation Documentation

Project Product Description

Quality Management Strategy

Quality Register

Risk Management Strategy

Risk Register

Work Package

Minimum Days Required