From the 25th May 2018 all companies must be compliant with the GDPR or risk huge penalties.

Marathon have been successfully delivering our GDPR Readiness Assessment Service. This comprehensive assessment and reporting service is still available but for those organisations who are yet to start their GDPR compliancy project, we are offering the FastTrack service as an option to speed things up.

Fast Track to GDPR

FastTrack to GDPR readiness includes a workshop event which is designed for all of the people inside an organisation that need to understand what GDPR means to them in the context of the company and department. For the FastTrack service, following the workshop, Marathon provide a GDPR practitioner, on site, to expedite gathering the information and producing documentation which is required to achieve compliancy by the 25th May 2018.

What's Included?

FastTrack includes sample GDPR compliant documents, templates for project plans by department, Risk Assessments for high impact personal data and working side by side with departmental staff to ensure that compliancy can be achieved in time.

What are the objectives of the FastTrack to GDPR Readiness Service?

  • To provide a one time, all-inclusive session for all the key stakeholders to quickly get to grips with GDPR
  • Helps to identify the specific risks that GDPR brings in the context of each organisation
  • Helps to establish a GDPR program of work or project
  • Helps to establish a regime of Data Protection by design

Why Marathon?

Marathon’s Information Security Group have vast experience of helping organisations assess the business risks associated with Cyber threats and security breaches through the use of best practice information security policies and procedures.

Our consultants are Cyber Essentials Certified Assessors, GDPR Practitioners, ISO 27001 (information security standard) and ISO 22301 (business continuity standard) auditors.


Typically the Data Protection workshop will take one day, with the ongoing days being dependant on the size and complexity of the organisation in terms of their Data Protection exposure.

Other Services

Marathon’s Information Security practice offer a number of valuable certification and enablement services including:

  • Cyber Essentials Enablement
  • ISO 27001 Auditing
  • ISO 22301 Auditing
  • Information Security Reviews