What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

High profile Cyber attacks have left companies confused and concerned about how to protect their businesses and where to turn.

As a long standing Information Security expert, Marathon provide help and guidance for any size and type of organisation who is looking to understand and review their current IT security measures and adopt policies and controls recommended by the Cyber Security Scheme and other Information Security standards such as ISO 27001.

Marathon’s ‘Cyber Essentials Scheme Enablement package’ has been designed specifically for SME’s and is a cost effective way to achieve Cyber Essentials certification and for the smaller companies, also includes Cyber Insurance.

Marathon is a certified Cyber Essentials Assessor and members of the Cyber Growth Partnership, the Cyber Security Forum and the London Branch of the Cyber Cluster.

Cyber Threat Simulation Workshops

What is it?

A structured programme of discussions and a simulation of malicious network activity, to establish how resilient an organisation is to a cyber attack and its readiness to respond to critical cyber incidents.

Why it works

Running cyber security exercises is an immersive and effective way for your customer to evaluate and practise the skills and decision-making mechanisms they will need to respond to cyber incidents.

What's included

Each Workshop takes a group of key staff through a series of structured questions (known as 'exercises') relating to a specific area of cyber security. Recommendations and summary reports from the exercises are provided, which can help you and your customer, to identify and improve ways of managing cyber security threats in the future.

Cyber Essentials Enablement Package

  • Benchmark current IT processes, controls, policies and procedures with Cyber Essentials Scheme guidelines and recommendations
  • Highlight the gaps that need to be addressed for Cyber Essentials compliance
  • Work with the company to Identify the remediation effort and costs relating to complying with all Cyber Essential scheme
  • Produce example Information Security policies relating to the Cyber Essentials categories, were applicable
  • Work with the IT team to self certify against the Basic Level of Cyber Essentials Scheme
  • Following successful Cyber Security Scheme certification Cyber Insurance is provided

What are the benefits?

  • Highlights your biggest threats and weakest points so that you can prioritise and focus on those areas of information security that need urgent attention and are the highest risk to your organisation
  • Ensures 'best practice' in line with HM Government Cyber security initiatives
  • Allows your IT resources to stay focused on their core tasks and priorities
  • Ensures a hygienic security posture
  • Helps to reduce your Cyber attacks surface