Here are some of the major projects that Marathon has recently conducted.


Commercial Law Firm – Project: Cross-Forest Ad Aand Exchange Migration

This City of London based law firm required a new Microsoft infrastructure be built as their existing AD had been through several upgrades, and the growth of the firm had resulted in a fresh implementation being desired. A green-filed Active Directory environment and Exchange organisation was therefore built, and the firm’s entire user base and messaging platform migrated with zero impact to users.

During the migration timeframe, co-existence tools provided seamless access inter-forest, with cross-forest messaging and collaboration possible at all levels including Calendaring/Emails and access to corporate Document Management and CRM systems both natively and via Outlook add-ins.

Technologies used: Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange, Microsoft ADMT and Interorg Tools, Forefront Identity Manager

Roles: Design, Technical Consultancy, Implementation, Support

Food Wholesaler - Project: Microsoft Exchange Upgrade

This organisation was running an outdated Exchange 2007 environment and wanted to upgrade to Exchange 2016 as part of an overall project to maintain and up to date on-premise infrastructure.

Because there is no migration path from Exchange 2007 directly to 2016 an interim 2013 solution was installed, all services migrated and users’ mailboxes moved over. Once completed, the Exchange 2007 infrastructure was removed and the migration process repeated to take the customer to 2016.

Technologies used: Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange

Roles: Design, Technical Consultant, Implementation, Support, User Training and Handover

Global Packaging Company - Project: Domain and Email consolidation project

Design and planning of the move for 500 user accounts and 80 servers from a “European” domain to a new central domain using ADMT

Utilities Provider

Design and planning of a cross forest MS Exchange migration and server consolidation project including the migration of virtual machines from VMware to HyperV. Included the use of Quest tools as facilitate the relocation and in some instances Double Take for zero down time migrations.

Local Council - Project: Active Directory Uplift

Discovery planning and migration for the upgrade of 3 Windows 2003 domains to Windows 2012.

IT Security Provider

Design and planning for the consolidation of AD accounts from 8 global domains into a single domain.

Internet Consumer Business Merger - Project: AD and Email Convergence

Two large Internet based organisations merged with an aggressive deadline for co-existence and a merged company comprising 7000 users.

The project initially involved providing guidance for “day one” co-existence for the merged company to provide shared access to resources and a common email platform with unified email address space and a single Global Address list. This was successfully implemented on the day one go-live date of the merged organisation, with less than two weeks planning.

The project has now moved on to strategic planning, with a 100 day timeline for proper migration of the two organisations’ Active Directory and Exchange/Office 365 environments into a single converged environment conforming to Microsoft’s “Cloud First” principle for migration.

Technologies used: Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Okta IDaaS

Roles: Technical Consultant, Strategic Planning