Here are some of the major projects that Marathon has recently conducted.


European Boating Company

The client had decided to present their websites externally and move away from providing Citrix access. In order to ensure that they have a viable solution, the client required to establish that the infrastructure is secure prior to presenting the web sites.

The client had requested that their infrastructure undergo a penetration test prior to any testing of their own and third party web sites.

Technologies used: Vulnerability scanning, penetration testing

Roles: Penetration Tester

Global Precious Metals Company

The client requires their annual penetration test in order to remain compliant with policies. The penetration test was restricted to external access only within a specific range of external IP addresses.

Technologies used: Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing

Roles: Penetration Tester, Security Advisor

Technology Company

The client had requested a Cyber Essentials Plus test to be conducted to validate the organisation’s security status and certify the organisation’s security policy. The Cyber Essential Plus certification would establish trust with their clients.

Technologies used: Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing within CE+ guidelines

Roles: Penetration Tester