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3 ways to increase your clients’ IT security

IT providers face a huge responsibility for ensuring the highest uptime for their clients’ systems. Since one of the greatest causes of downtime is security breaches, it is vital to increase IT security to prevent unauthorised access, damage to data and the downtime that follows as a consequence. Here are three ways to work towards the highest IT security for your clients:

Preparation through Disaster Recovery Planning

Being prepared for the unexpected is the only way to effectively reduce downtime that may occur. Disaster recovery planning (DRP) is a way of preparing actions to take during unexpected events or circumstances, in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Whether you provide IT services to schools, financial organisations, or even the smallest businesses, your clients will expect their IT systems to run effectively and be protected against hacking and unauthorised access. Compiling a DRP will allow you to prioritise solving issues by following the plan, to maintain the same level of functionality or restore their systems in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Passwords and encryption

Implementing passwords and encrypting files can significantly increase your clients’ IT security. It will simply restrict access to only those with permission. Encourage every authorised person to have a different password that is not easy to guess. This is extremely important for those using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones, which could easily get lost or accessed by others outside of the workplace. Password generation software is also a good means of guaranteeing the level of security.


Virtualisation is not just about improving efficiency, but it also can increase overall IT security for your clients by hosting their confidential information virtually instead of on a physical server. This stops access to files by contractors that may be required to use the machines, and backs up information to make recovery easier in the event of a security breach or damage to data. This increases security and business continuity at the same time, giving your client greater overall uptime and productivity.

Ensuring security for your clients

Marathon has expertise in providing the highest security solutions on a white-labelled basis to your clients. We have ISO 27001 accredited engineers who can work to support you with implementing a secure IT system for your clients.

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