Keeping your cool with Marathon this Summer!

As I’ve been travelling, I’ve overheard a few heated conversations that IT services projects are stalling or on hold, because of the summer break. Is the current heatwave getting to your customers; and is there evidence that a summer skills shortage, has any impact on competitive advantage, or project costs? 

As the UK Government and Industry continue to come to terms with the need for Skills across the Sector, according to analysis from ITProPortal, the responsibility falls on IT teams to meet the demand.  Even the best planning ahead can still leave skills gaps during the busy summer holiday period – so how can you fill this skills gap to ensure your customers’ projects are completed?  When asked by our clients, I offer three main suggestions:

Borrow a specialist 

If you have a skills gap while any of your specialist engineers are away, you can outsource areas of your projects, which require specialist knowledge to complete. It’s a quick and effective way to ensure continuity and is often more cost effective than the potential delay in your delivery schedule.  

Focus on delivery times

A skills gap doesn’t necessarily mean your customers’ projects won’t be completed, so rather than mourn the loss; think more about how to deliver fast enough, to ensure success for the customer.  Outsourcing some of your project work can free up your time, while filling the gaps to ensure faster delivery times for your clients.

Create confidence through Quality 

A skills gap is often results in compromised standards when work is completed in a rushed way; or by an engineer who has less knowledge of the project or system. Enlisting the help of specialist engineers, provides the knowledge and expertise you need, as an extension of your professional team, so your customers won’t know any different! 

We’re here to keep you cool.  At Marathon, we deal with the these challenges every day.  I’d encourage you to find out more about the range of expertise and resources we have, to step in as a member of your team, through our White label services. Meaning you can ensure the same high levels of fast and expert service that you are normally able to provide, without your customers feeling any difference in the temperature of your project or services.  

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and availability of our engineers, on 020 8329 1000.

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