Reimagining the Digital Workspace- by design!

Endpoint devices haven’t always been so mobile.  For those that remember they were huge ugly beige-coloured boxes, gathering dust under the desks that they were shackled to by weight or wire.  The adoption of tablets and phones allows your customers to mobilise their user workspace and take it wherever they need to work.  However, if they try to manage these devices in the same traditional manner, extending the number and variety of network-attached devices clearly creates new challenges for security and data management.

The good news for your customer is that there is another way. As we start to reimagine the digital workspace, we can encourage customers to think about letting users have the freedom and productivity of any device they choose, whilst enhancing security by design, rather than just maintaining the status-quo. 

It's not all about the device – it’s about the data!

We’ve seen that securing data by securing the devices it may be located on can be troublesome.  Although, if we were to extend the ecosystem across all devices, including personal, then security can be greatly enhanced. Utilising cloud based encryption and enforcement systems to maintain visibility and management of information and data, means that if customer data is leaked to unauthorised systems, users or devices, it maintains its protection.

Cloudify your Cyber-Security

Using modern technologies and techniques to protect your data is essential and this can be easily achieved using solutions such as Microsoft Azure Rights Management, Information Protection and Cloud App Security. As an interesting add-on, these are not restricted to cloud based systems - they also protect traditional on-premises equipment too, even consumer based systems, used to store your customers’ corporate data, can remain protected.  

The End-to-End Workspace Stack with Microsoft

If we were to re-imagine the desktop for modern working, it would seem ridiculous to manage all of our devices from a LAN based / on premises infrastructure, as the majority of devices these days would never be connected back to that infrastructure directly. 

On face value, we think that Microsoft give resellers a great platform to build a solution for customers.  The ability to discreetly manage distributed services, regardless of the user's location or device, has become a reality through Azure services.  Here is a working example that could be a conversation-starter for your next client meeting:

As an opener, for the traditional user and device management we can join the devices to Azure AD, (Azure AD integrates with traditional AD). Then use InTune to deploy applications, configuration and packages to those devices - they don't even have to be all Windows. 

For customers that want users to bring their own (BYOD), we can choose from a list of RMS-enlightened applications, for IOS and Android, which basically have sand-boxing within the application, rather than the app itself. This lets the user utilise the app safely, with personal and corporate data remaining protected. 

And finally, for those applications reliant on on-premises services, Microsoft have partnered with Citrix to deliver XenApp from Azure for a fully integrated solution – allowing the customer to ustilise legacy applications that can be securely delivered, to any endpoint device.

Here at Marathon, we have the expertise to help you design and implement a digital workspace solution for your customers on a white label basis. Why not give us a call on 020 8329 1000 to talk to one of our team?

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