Is it time for a Professional Services MOT?

In addition to the jokes about our choice of Christmas hats, the points raised in our article "And that was 2018!", have sparked some interesting comments this week.  The underlying theme really focused on what resellers can do to improve margin, or build more business around Professional Services in the next 12 months – so we thought you might appreciate a summary of the key points raised. 

Resellers are, of course, au-fait with annual reviews of sales performance and other metrics to do with delivery but did you know that reviewing your portfolio of services can have a massive impact on all aspects of your business.  Here are three things to consider:-

1. Do your existing services need a tune-up?

Service offerings need to constantly evolve as the market or environment changes for your customers.  For example, if you’ve added more vendor solutions this year, it may be worthwhile checking for complimentary services that you can use to increase average order values. During the course of 2018 Marathon have added a number of new services to address these changing needs.   

2. Are you adding-on the right Services to every quote?

You’ve heard this from us before, but if used properly, add-on services can actually strengthen your customer relationship, while bringing you more revenue and additional margin.  Check our Guide to Working Smarter with add-ons for more background, if this is something you haven’t done already – it’s well worth it!

3. Build a Service-led proposition for 2019

We know that many of you are looking to have a clear Service strategy in place, for the year ahead.  But what do you include… what’s going to be hot next year; and what service areas should you avoid?  Look out for Security Risk Intelligence as a topic; or another great place to start would be Cloud Migration. The Marathon Cloud Readiness service comes with a bunch of resources to help you define your market, set pricing and a defined way to establish your own re-usable IP.  

We would be happy to help with any, or all of these, (and we promise to not wear those hats).  I’d encourage you to book a Webex, call or meeting with Marathon to review the impact of what’s been delivered, how to improve your win-loss ratio and evaluate some of our new services to add to your portfolio in 2019.

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