3 signs that your customer needs better Security

Does the technology and means for managing security risk meet the pace and speed, of ever-changing threats faced by your customers? More importantly…How would you know? Here are three ways to tell if your customer is unprepared… and how to help them.

1. Things are always delayed

Today’s organisation will need a plethora of tools to address risks and protect their business. Managing licenses, renewals, integration and the reporting associated with all of the security tools that a company needs, has become in itself, a management challenge - and that is all apart from when an incident occurs. Identify these time challenges for your customer and you have an opportunity to sell a service, to help them get ahead of the curve.

2. Point solution v Big Picture?

We know that even before clients can deploy adequate security measures, time and money needs to be spent to understand what risks they are exposed to; and on research to find best fit solutions. The reality is that If you’re customer asks you to quote for a point solution, you might be missing out on a big chunk of their security budget. Anti-Virus Licenses or a Firewall should all form part of an overall strategy that they might be sourcing from a competitor. Look out for our feature next week on how to Own more of your customers IT Security budget.

3. It’s always urgent!

Despite the planning and investment in Security, incidents will still occur that require remediation. If your client is unprepared for this, then the response can often be painful for all concerned. A co-ordinated response strategy, which is well documented and tested, will give your client the confidence that their environment is safe – even if they don’t have a SOC. Marathon’s OneSecure service is designed to take away the security headache in a single swoop. We achieve this by providing a security service that is designed to address and manage every type of threat, within a single services framework. To learn more please contact sales@marathon-ps.com or download the OneSecure brochure from www.marathon-ps.com

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