Personal data...the elephant in the meeting room

Like it or loathe it, these new regulations have certainly moved many customers to invest in data compliancy, in varying degrees.  When a company like Google hits the headlines with a massive fine for non-compliance, many customers will naturally ask themselves if they are on track, safe or still legal… has the elephant in the room got a seat at the table?  

If you feel up for the challenge, we’d love to help.  To get you started, here are three customer types and why they need to talk about their approach to data: -

1.   The ‘lock-down everything’ and don’t move type

If you look back, this account was probably the first customer to ask you about GDPR.  They tend to be so paranoid about non-compliance that they have a lawyer or legal team positioned at the end of every desk in the office!  Decisions are delayed, business opportunities are lost and the in-ability to move quickly, frustrates employees across all departments. 

Compliance rules are not always made from a realistic basis. By improving their understanding of how the regulations are being implemented and now enforced, these customers could use training to empower employees to make those decisions, supported by a framework to manage it – all supported by you and the services from Marathon. 

2.  The inbetween type  

These customers have done enough to become compliant but feel forced into the process.  They needed to get it done but might have only focused on the key areas of risk in their business.  They still may not see the value in it, or reviewing it further

This type are going to be the least interested in talking about their approach to data compliance, unless you get specific about where you can help.  The Marathon team have found that a review session is a good way to identify gaps in their processes and how enforcement will impact them in the future.

3.  The still not thought about it type

Yes. They still exist!  More so in the SMB space, but these customers will have done the absolute minimum to get compliant and are hoping that it won’t happen to them.  You are not likely to hear from these customers proactively about compliance although they are clearly the ones needing a lot of help.

At Marathon, we suggest a gentle approach.  Our FastTrack to GDPR service aims to speed up the process and gets everyone in the room from day one. 

The bottom line is that GDPR may be the both elephant in the room at your next meeting and your opportunity to make more margin through selling services.  Talk to the team if you have any questions… or if you want to borrow my crash helmet for your customer meeting!!  

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