How to plan the perfect service review

Service reviews come in all shapes and sizes.  From the non-existent to the quarterly extravaganzas. Finding the right balance of accountability and detail along with the right audience so you can get things done, is the key to customer success.

Truth be told, the Marathon team have done a fair few service review meetings in our time!  We’ve pulled together some of our top tips to get your meetings on track and help you leverage industry best practices,  which link top line metrics with customer objectives and actions - for a strategic plan that even your customer will want to follow.  


Create an issue-orientated meeting agenda and review services with the people they are being delivered for.  This needs up-front work to give people a good reason to attend, a concise agenda and a structure for managing the time you want them to invest. We tend to use open reporting to promote accountability.  This means communicating clear goals and using scorecards to show where the company stands on key measurements.


If you are addressing the customer's issues, with the right meeting structure and pre-work, you have a better chance of getting key stake-holders to attend. We encourage our team to put themselves in the attendees shoes and focus on gaining maximum value from the agenda.  Having the meeting scheduled for the same date and time each quarter, will enable people to work their schedules around the review. 


We’ve already talked about using readily available customer data to grow your business.  Whilst you focus on the meeting structure, your services team need to bring data that supports fresh thinking on how to approach potential problems.  From licence reports and end of life statements, through to application usage charts, the Marathon pre-sales team can help you identify potential sources of information to use in these meetings.


The perfect services review meeting is the one that generates new projects and fully engages the customer in working with your team.  Your services team can increase the overall level of engagement with the customer. With 15 times more touchpoints than the sales team, it’s one of the best ways to ensure nothing is left on the table after each review.  And remember, if problems arise, convene a separate task force team meeting immediately afterward. Task force team meetings should be kept to a time limit, such as 30 minutes, and include only those people who are directly responsible for the measurements or those who can contribute to resolving the problem.

Our checklist to the planning the perfect service review is coming soon.  Alternatively, talk to the team for a more in-depth overview. 


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